You know Avasol.

The company that grew out of a wish for a pure, natural, 100% safe and effective sunscreen that was safe for our planet, too. We respect the sun. And we respect our bodies, our planet, and every living thing on it, too. This is why we have the Avasol Foundation.

This is the part of Avasol that is dedicated to discovering the latest research related to the issues that move us, uncovering the truth and making it available to all who express an interest, and recovering our faith that you can have products that are healthy for people and the planet. We research sun exposure and sunscreen technology, personal care products and their effects on both human and environmental health. We find and test new, natural ingredients. We research and develop new, sustainable packaging technologies and develop natural/organic/mineral personal care products sustainable methods. It's either win-win for us and the planet or we're just not interested.

Our foundation’s mission revolves around three core elements: research, education, and innovation.

Research includes lab testing (claim and certification validation, development of active and inactive ingredients, nanoparticles, packaging PFOAs), market research (field testing, study of published scientific articles), and R&D (identification, development, and testing of new formulas, product packaging innovation).

Education encompasses visual content (product and real-world photography, documentary film, chemistry and pollution infographics, observational writing), stewardship (Ocean Stewardship Alliance, partnering with/empowering ambassadors in local community efforts, influencers, and advocates, pushing grassroots community leaders to facilitate water and ocean health), working with youth (surf camps, junior lifeguards, CSA programs), and promoting activism (volunteer-based beach cleanups, speaking engagements, trade shows, and athletic events).

Innovation is achieved through advocating legislation (banning single use plastics, promoting proper waste management, promoting public education), distributing kits (humanitarian and disaster relief packages, green living tools, developing community kits, tourist kits), and partnerships (product donations, percentage of sales donations, supporting public safety personnel, and supporting organizations such as Lonely Whale, POW, Surfrider, Channelkeeper, Heal the Ocean, Changing Tides, and many more). 

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Read about the newest innovations in personal care products; the best ways to strike a balance between our human environment and nature; and what you can do to help make our planet the best it can be! Find out about the ins and outs of supplementation, how eating healthy can literally save your skin, and what Big Pharma doesn't want you to know.

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